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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Argentina's greatest weapon: Manu Ginobili

If Argentina has the power to fight for the first positions in the FIBA World Championship, it is thanks to their greatest player: San Antonio Spurs' Manuel Ginobili.

In fact, he already lead his country to win the Olympic Gold Medal in 2004. That was the greatest achievement for the Argentinian basketball. But he wants more.

With his 6 feet of height he can perform as an excellent shooting guard. Acually, Manu is a left-hander who is also adept at going to his right. Ginobili is known for his up-tempo style of play, his perfect passing skills, and behind-the-back moves when attacking the basket. He also makes dunks with either hand, taking advantage of his first step.

With his wide range of abilities, Argentina becomes a very strong team in the Championship. The world is waiting for him to shine.

Dwyane Wade can lead the US to the World Title

Miami Heat won the title in the just finished season of the NBA. And the reason for such a success has a name: Dwyane Wade

He did a 36-point match, but most of all he scored the last points that gave Miami the crown. Wade led the Heat to a 95-92 win over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6 of his first title series. The Heat lost the first two encounters, then won the next four, riding Wade every step of the way.

“Man, this is one of the best feelings, next to my wife and my son, that I’ve ever had in my whole life,” Wade expressed.

The US National Team will start preparing for the Basketball World Championship in Japan, and even when the squad will have Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, the main atraction will be Wade.

If he can perform in the same way he did in the NBA, it will be really hard to beat the US at the tournament.

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