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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

China won't pressure Yao Ming

The Chinese Basketball Association has made clear that they won't put any pressure over Yao Ming's recovery. As we know, the Houston Rocket's player has a broken foot, and he's the best Chinese player.

Yao Ming had a good season with his team in the NBA, until he suffered a bad injury in April of this year, during a regular basketball game.

In fact, Yao Ming broke his left foot playing for Houston Rockets two months ago, putting in doubt his participation in basketball's World tournament starting on August 19.

"We will by no means urge him to play the world championship in Japan," Li Yuanwei said. "He should be fully recovered before considering coming back for the Championship in Japan."

As we already said, the NBA player returned to China last week and will join the China national team in Beijing next week from his home.

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