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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Groupe Sporever selected to distribute FIBA World Basketball Championship’s mobile rights

According to official sources, Groupe Sporever has signed an exclusive agreement with FIBA regarding the international distribution of the FIBA World Basketball Championship’s mobile rights. The event will take place in Japan between August 19th and September 3rd. The agreement states that Groupe Sporever will also be responsible for the audiovisual production of the event for mobile operators in selected nations throughout the world.

According to experts, the FIBA World Basketball Championship is a highly attractive event for new media, especially mobile phones:

• Favourable time difference: matches start between 5:00 am and 8:30 am GMT. Video clips of action will be available for mobile subscribers at the start of the day,
• Non stop action: games take place daily throughout the event. Action is non-stop between 5 :00 am and 2 :00 pm during the Preliminary Round,
• Highly Rich content: 24 teams take part and up to 12 games occur daily during the Preliminary Round.

As we know, the event takes place at a very exciting time for the game of basketball. Many European and Asian players have become superstars in the basketball world and the quality of the teams means that many of the squads are capable of winning this most prestigious title.

It's a good thing that for the first time, basketball fanatics will be able to download clips of key action from the floor just a few minutes after the live action. All the available video clips will be customized to meet mobile phone requirements (extensive use of slow motion, close-up shots, original voice over).

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